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  1. Txarly

    Foreigner seeking advice on trip to Greece

    Hi all, thanks for your warm welcome and kind replies. I´ve been riding long and wide enough not to be afraid of bad condition mountain roads (you'd be surprised of how bad the Italian mountain roads here can be), although I obviously prefer smooth surfaces. Thanks for the warnings, I appreciate that. Happy owner of a 2011 VFR 800, I'm no Flanders, but I leave sporty riding for an unloaded bike and the roads I kinda know. Experienced travelers are well aware of how an unexpected shower can make you feel miserable and ruin your trip, so really waterproof gear is mandatory, we agree on that. Thanks Pan for the suggested route, is an interesting alternative to the one I had in mind; I´ll check with the boss, see if she approves Our interests are both in the places to visit, mainly historic sites (and man, is being hard to choose ) and the riding pleasure of moving between sites. And regarding specific questions, here you have the first: from Archaia Olympia to Mystras, which route do you suggest? a. Coast: Kaiafas - Kaló Neró - Allagí - Leontari - Spárti - Mystras b. Inland: Karkalou pass - Levidi - Tripoli - Spárti - Mystras c. any other I´m missing Pros and cons of each, places to stop (to visit, eat...) Note that I´ve intentionally left out road 82 Kalamata - Mystras as we plan to cover it the following day. GeorgeTT, please do not hesitate to contact me via PM once you have dates and planning, I´ll be happy to guide you around. And if you come riding, maybe I'll be able of showing you some nice local roads... by then mountain passes should be still open and col de la Bonette (2,804 mts.) is quite close... Again, thanks to all for your kindness. Hope we can ride together some day. Cheers, Txarly
  2. Txarly

    Foreigner seeking advice on trip to Greece

    Hello guys, thanks for answering and sorry for the wrong translation definitely we are NOT going by bicycle. Answering HLIAS, both my wife and myself were born in Spain, but currently work and live in Nice, France. We'll ride to Ancona and (hopefully) board a ferry there to Patra. The stay in Greece will be of roughly 10 days. Needless to say, if any of you guys come around the french riviera, it will be a pleasure being your guide. Thanks again, Txarly
  3. Txarly

    Foreigner seeking advice on trip to Greece

    Γεια σας ποδηλάτες ! I apologize but my Greek is extremely poor, so I'll continue in English. Besides, I don't know if the google translator is reliable or I'm insulting you without being aware of it My wife and I are planning to discover the lovely and history-packed landscapes of Greece this late Spring and I was wondering if any of you guys could provide us with some first-hand tips to make our bike trip more fun, interesting or safe. The idea is to get to Patra by ferry, go around the Peloponnisos peninsula stopping here and there to visit, then head north via Corinth, Amfissa, Lamia and Kalampaka. From there to Kastoria but going around the Voreia Pindos mountains, via Ioannina and Konitsa. And from Kastoria the idea is to go to the lake in the border with Albania, then to Florina and cross to North Macedonia (or FYROM, if you prefer) towards Bitola and Ohrid. Any suggestion about scenic roads, places to visit, restaurants, local usages, safety tips, etc. will be warmly welcome. Thank you for your attention and I wish we could met and share a drink and a ride. Txarly
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