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Verbal Kint

[Documentary] Delirious

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Honda Africa Twin Arai Tour X-3 KTM SMT (990cc)


Το παρων πιστευω οτι αξιζει δικο του thread για αυτο δεν προσαρμοστηκε καπου αλλου. Αν καποιος αδμινιστρατορας-μοδερατορας πιστευει το αντιθετο ας το μετακινησει αναλογος. No soft feelings.

" The team behind “The Infidels” present “Delirious,” a surreal portrait of the St. Louis street bike scene and The Streetfighterz. Each year, riders from around the world travel to St. Louis to commandeer the highways for an underground ride known as, “The Ride of the Century.” Delirious takes you out onto the streets to explore the scene that went from clique to community, and has made St. Louis the de facto stunt riding capital of the world. "




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